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Charity Truitt was practicing her breathing and fighting yet another panic attack that made it increasingly clear she was not going to complete the corporate merger between the Truitt department store chain and Loftus Athletic Gear. She was not going to marry Brett Loftus either...Notorious deal maker Elias Winters had changed gears and settled in Whispering Waters Cove. He''d been studying martial arts and Asian philosophy with one burning goal in mind - only to discover that he''d been swept into unknown emotional seas...
Facing crises of career and heart, two of the most powerful corporate figures in the Northwest are now borne by the unpredictable currents of fate to the same small Washington town, and to their respective shops - a bookstore for Charity and a small curiosity shop called Charms and Virtues for Elias. When they meet, the attraction is immediate. But the results may be...murder!
Land speculation is booming in the town - and no one, especially Charity Truitt, believes that Elias Winters has suddenly stopped outswimming the corporate sharks just to run a small business. As Charity and Elias begin a cautious exploration of each other''s pasts, hidden agendas, and libidos, they discover one thing they definitely have in common. A martial arts master, he''s a novice at relationships; a formidable executive, she''s starting in the mail room when it comes to love. And all around them, Sixties-style rebels are clashing with BMW-driving professionals. Then, after two shocking murders, Charity and Elias really join forces to catch a killer - and become next in line for an early demise.

From Library Journal

Burned-out Seattle CEO Charity Truitt and infamous corporate consultant Elias Winters meet in the small town of Whispering Waters Cove, where Charity has found happiness running her own bookshop and Elias has inherited a curiosity shop. Charity has just broken an engagement and Elias is mourning the recent death of his mentor. Their budding romance is further complicated by clashing business interests, a spaceship cult, and murder. Adventure, humor, romance, and a great supporting cast of characters add up to another very enjoyable novel by veteran author Krentz, who also writes witty regencies as Amanda Quick. Fans will be eagerly awaiting this novel. Highly recommended for public libraries. [For the preview of a forthcoming Amanda Quick novel, see Prepub Alert, p. 120.?Ed.]?Elizabeth Mary Mellett, Brookline P.L., Mass.
-?Elizabeth Mary Mellett, Brookline P.L., Mass.
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From Kirkus Reviews

With her customary offbeat setting and flair for the supernatural, Krentz (Absolutely Positively, 1996, etc.) offers a tale that depends heavily on the other elements in her standard formula: one-part romance, one-part mystery, with a dash of sex and adventure for good measure. It''s Charity Truitt''s elaborate, lavish engagement party in downtown Seattle and everyone''s having a good time except for Charity. She suddenly realizes that she doesn''t care that Brett Loftus is such a great guy or that their marriage would put the final stamp on the merger between the department store chain she''s inherited from her mother and stepfather and Brett''s family''s company--Loftus Athletic Gear. Charity really wants true love and is willing to wait for it, so she runs out on the party, leaving her stepbrother and sister (not to mention hapless Brett) in utter shock and comes to rest in the isolated community of Whispering Waters Cove. Her newfound career managing a bookstore is a far cry from her executive roots, and it''s clear she won''t be satisfied with small-town life indefinitely. But excitement comes knocking on her door soon enough in the form of Elias Winters, a strikingly handsome man with sea-gray eyes and an uncertain past, who appears mysteriously and takes over Charms & Virtues, a ``junk shop'''' owned by the recently departed Hayden Stone. Unbeknownst to Cove folk, Elias has just come from the climactic resolution of a lifelong trauma--avenging his deceased father, whose business success was thwarted by the evil Garrick Keyworth. Charity and Elias don''t share much about their pasts, but they do fall in love. Then a series of violent deaths causes them to realize that there''s more going on in Whispering Waters than they''d imagined; their quest to uncover the inner-workings of the community forces them to learn- -and then face--each other''s complicated histories. Intermittently hokey and unsurprising, but, still, with an appealing drive. -- Copyright ©1996, Kirkus Associates, LP. All rights reserved.


Charity Truitt can''t do it. She can''t merge her company, Truitt Department Stores, with Loftus Athletic Gear and she can''t merge her life with Brett Loftus, either. She takes her panic attack as a serious warning-- it''s time to change her life. The successful, business-minded Charity takes a chance and takes off for tiny Whispering Waters Cove. There, she opens a bookstore and discovers more than a little about herself, life and love. The notorious Elias Winters, real estate wheeler dealer, arrives in Whispering Waters Cove and sets up shop. For years he has harbored plans for revenge only to find himself reevaluating his motives and his life. He knows all about martial arts, Asian philosophy, and the value of land-- but he doesn''t have a clue when it comes to love. Then he meets Charity. Charity and Elias find themselves falling for each other-- hard! Their quirky relationship begins to take shape as they learn what love is all about. But then the town is shaken by murder... and suspicion. Our dashing hero and dazzling heroine have to team up to solve the murders before the killer decides to make them the next victims. Jayne Ann Krentz writes the very best contemporary novels on the market today. Deep Waters is Krentz at her best, weaving a love story with a murder mystery and throwing in enough humor to bring a smile to your day! Her characters are unique, believable and witty. Don''t miss this fabulous author''s newest gift to her readers! The word romance is synonymous with the name Jayne Ann Krentz! Fast-paced, funny, and hopelessly romantic! Jayne Ann Krentz has done it again! A must read... Deep Waters will sweep you away!Kristina Wright -- Copyright © 1994-97 Literary Times, Inc. All rights reserved -- From

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